Needs for IPM solutions for minor uses

The C-IPM work package regarding minor uses has identified and ranked the needs for IPM solutions for minor uses. This has resulted in a longlist of topics for the C-IPM’s first call.

Foto: Janne Hansen

By Wilma Arendse


To identify the needs for minor uses within Europe, the ERANET C-IPM partners and the National Minor Use coordinators within the EU and associated countries were asked to identify priority minor use problems for which IPM solutions are needed. Cooperation was sought with the EUMUDA.


By the end of 2014, responses were received from 24 countries of which 20 were ERA-NET member countries and four were outside the ERA-NET C-IPM. Data was collected,  processed and entered in a database. Analysis of the processed data resulted in a ranking of mutual crop/target (= pest) combinations between countries for which IPM solutions are needed. Further details can be viewed here.


At the EU level Expert Groups on minor uses are grouped according to commodities. The needs were therefore also analysed according to commodities such as vegetables, fruits etc.


During the annual meeting in Lisbon on November 26-28, 2014, the highest ranking crop target combinations were presented. The participants selected 10 priorities. These 10 priorities were input for the longlist of topics for the first call of the ERANET C-IPM.

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