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Aarhus Algebraic Geometry Group

The Aarhus DFF Algebraic Geometry Research group is based at the Department of Mathematics of Aarhus University. Our research interest is at the interface of algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and symplectic geometry with applications in global singularity theory, complex geometry and enumerative geometry. Some of the topics we work on are:

  1. Equivariant techniques to study moduli problems, topology and intersection theory of GIT quotients, non-reductive group actions and moduli spaces
  2. Hyperbolic varieties 
  3. Enumerative geometry: Hilbert scheme of points, Multisingularity classes of maps
  4. K-stability vs GIT stability
  5. DeepMath: machine learning (deep NN's and reinforcdement learning) approach in geometry
  6. Algebraic statistics

Official launch: 2023.


Andras Szenes (Geneva), Frances Kirwan (Oxford), Anna Seigal (Harvard), Eloise Hamilton (Cambridge), Philipp Reichenbach (Berlin), Honglu Fan (Geneva), Jonas Klüver (Aarhus) and Visu Makam (IAS).


DFF Project 2 Grant, AUFF Starting Grant.