Palmyra Portrait Project


2017.06.22 | Lecture / talk

Funerary Portraiture in Greater Roman Syria

Summary of the conference "Funerary Portraiture in Greater Roman Syria" at the Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen, 15-16 June 2017. Written by Ph.D. students Julia Steding and Sara Ringsborg.

2017.06.14 | Lecture / talk, History and achaeology

Recovering Lost Wonders of the World: Pheidias's Athena Parthenos and Zeus Olympios

Summary of lecture, written by student Jesper V. Jensen.

2017.06.09 | History and achaeology

Studentermedhjælper til Klassisk Arkæologi 913282

Institut for Kultur og Samfund, Klassisk Arkæologi søger 2-3 studentermedhjælpere med tiltrædelse hurtigst muligt. Deadline: 16. juni 2017.

Loculus relief depicting priest and child. At present in British Museum (I. N. BM 125033). Photo from the Ingholt Archive, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen (© Rubina Raja)

2017.06.09 | History and achaeology

Networking beyond death: Priests and their family networks in Palmyra explored through the funerary sculpture

New publication by Professor Rubina Raja.

2017.06.06 | Lecture / talk

The Colours of Palmyra: Ancient polychromy and the application of new natural-scientific methods

Summary of lecture by Postdoc Cecilie Brøns and Assistant professor Luise Ørsted Brandt at UrbNet, Aarhus University, 6 June 2017. Written by students Nathalia B. Kristiansen and Jesper V. Jensen.

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Thu 21 Sep
08:30-19:00 | The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen
Revisiting the Religious Life of Palmyra

Harald Ingholt & Palmyra

This book grew out of the exhibition Harald Ingholt and Palmyra, which opened in 2015 at the Museum of Ancient Art at Aarhus University, Denmark. The exhibition is based on research done within the framework of the Palmyra Portrait Project, which is jointly funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and Aarhus University.

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