Palmyra Portrait Project


Loculus relief of a figure sporting the distinctive headwear of a Palmyrene priest (Copyright: Palmyra Portrait Project).

2017.04.28 | Lecture / talk

The Palmyrene Funerary Portraits: A Portrait Habit between East and West

Summary of lecture by Professor Rubina Raja at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 26 April 2017. Written by students Nathalia B. Kristiansen and Jesper V. Jensen.

2017.04.05 | History and achaeology

Depicting the dead in North Syria: Funerary representations in Roman Commagene and Cyrrhestice

Summary of lecture by Assistant Professor Michael Blömer (Aarhus University), written by Jesper V. Jensen and Nathalia B. Kristiansen.

2017.03.24 | History and achaeology

Representations of women and children in Palmyrene funerary loculus reliefs, loculus stelae and wall paintings

New publication by Assistant Professor Signe Krag and Professor Rubina Raja.

2017.03.08 | Lecture / talk, History and achaeology

Children in Palmyrene Funerary Epigraphy

Summary of lecture by Nathalia B. Kristiansen and Jesper V. Jensen.

2017.02.27 | History and achaeology

Studentermedhjælpere til forskningsprojekt Palmyra Portræt 893393

Studentermedhjælperne skal hjælpe Professor Rubina Raja i det kollektive forskningsprojekt Palmyra Portræt Projektet.

Upcoming Events

Wed 03 May
16:00-17:00 | Antikmuseet, Victor Albecks Vej 3, 8000 Aarhus C
Money, Money, Money – Production and Value of Palmyrene Funerary Portraits
Lecture by PhD student Julia Steding, Aarhus University.
Tue 06 Jun
16:00-17:00 | Antikmuseet, Victor Albecks Vej 3, 8000 Aarhus C
The Colours of Palmyra: Ancient polychromy and the application of new natural-scientific methods
by Cecilie Brøns, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, and Luise Ørsted Brandt, UrbNet.

Harald Ingholt & Palmyra

This book grew out of the exhibition Harald Ingholt and Palmyra, which opened in 2015 at the Museum of Ancient Art at Aarhus University, Denmark. The exhibition is based on research done within the framework of the Palmyra Portrait Project, which is jointly funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and Aarhus University.

English version

Danish version