2017.11.06 | Events

Pictures of LingInt 2017

See pictures from our workshop Linguistic Intuitions, Evidence, and Expertise here.

2017.10.09 | Events

Paper accepted for APA Pacific Division

The paper "Armchair physics and the expertise defence" by Samuel Schindler and Pierre Saint-Germier has been accepted for presentation at the 2017 APA Pacific Division Meeting.

2017.09.24 | News type

Pictures of IntExp 2017

Pictures of our workshop Intuitions and the Expertise Defense in September are now online. See past events. 

2017.09.12 | Events

Workshop: Intuitions and the Expertise Defense

Our workshop on "Intuitions and the Expertise Defense" is coming up and will take place in Aarhus on September 13th to 15th 2017.

2017.09.12 | Research news

Forthcoming paper

Drożdżowicz, A. (forthcoming). Philosophical expertise beyond intuitions. Philosophical Psychology.

2017.09.12 | Events


Anna gave a presentation titled “Speakers’ intuitions about meaning – the voice of performance view” at the Centre for Study of Mind in Nature Closing Conference in Oslo on 29.05.17.

2017.09.12 | Research news


Drożdżowicz, A. (2017). Speakers' intuitive judgements about meaning - the voice of performance view. Review of Philosophy and Psychology.​

2017.09.12 | Events


 Anna gave a talk on “Speakers’ intuitions about meaning and why we can trust them” at a seminar at the Department of Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Semiotics, Aarhus University, May 2017.

2017.09.12 | Events

Upcoming presentations in Bochum

Anna and Pierre will both be presenting at the Philosophy of Language and Mind 4 Conference, Bochum, 21-23.09. Bochum University. Anna's presentation will be titled “Do we hear meanings (and should we care whether we do)?”. Pierre's presentation will be titled "Hume's maxim with impossible worlds".

2017.09.12 | Events

Presentations at ECAP9 in Munich, August 2017

Pierre gave a presentation titled "Intuitions, Deviant Realizations and Implicit Conceiving". Anna gave a presentation titled “Knowing what a speaker said and experiences of language understating”.

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