CORE Organic Plus: European organic research projects in food and farming systems 2015-2018

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Innovative processing and packaging for safe, high-quality, organic berry products

2018.10.02 | Research news

Consumers want high-quality, organic berry products available in larger quantities. An international team of researchers has set out to meet their demands

Field demonstration in orchard with flowerstrip, Pometum, UCPH during workshop about FAB assessment. Photo: Stine Kramer Jacobsen.

New tools to manage and assess orchard Functional Agrobiodiversity (FAB)

2018.08.27 | Research news

The EcoOrchard project (2015-18) has produced a handbook on FAB assessment in dialogue with growers and advisors and a technical guideline for FAB orchard management.

Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for vegetable production

2018.08.13 | Research news

SoilVeg is an applied research European project involving 9 European countries and 14 partner institutions for 3 years. It aimed at introducing the no-till technique and at improving the management of agro-ecological Service Crops in organic cropping systems for vegetable production in order to get better soil conservation and resource use.






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