Ceramics in Context


Ceramics were a ubiquitous commodity in Antiquity. Due to its high prevalence and functionality, ceramics constitute a source of absolutely fundamental empirical material in archaeology, which can be studied across time and space. The development of distinguishable types (studies of form development - typologies) that slowly but surely evolved (often over centuries) serves as the most important dating criteria in Classical Archaeology. As a result, an understanding of society in Antiquity relies heavily on the exploration and understanding of ceramics. This 3-year research project, involving an assistant professor, a PhD student and student assistants, takes a context-first approach to the study of ceramics, and the aim is to optimise the gain of this important group of materials through contextualisation.


Gerasa/Jerash: Fra Den Urbane Periferi

2017.06.28Danish translation of "Gerasa/Jerash: From the Urban Periphery" now released.

Field report from Jerash

2017.04.07by Assistant Professor Heike Möller and PhD student Kristine Thomsen.

Glimpses from the Jerash exhibition

2017.02.28On Friday 24 February, a new exhibition opened at the Museum of Ancient Art in Aarhus.

Studentermedhjælpere til forskningsprojekt Keramik i Kontekst 893388

2017.02.27Studentermedhjælperne skal hjælpe Professor Rubina Raja i det kollektive forskningsprojekt Keramik i Kontekst.

Photo: Line Egelund.

Summary of the conference ‘Conspicuous Productions’

2016.10.14By student Line Egelund.

Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project

2016.10.05Season-Report 2016 - now online

30th Congress of Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores

2016.09.14"New Perspectives on Roman Pottery: ​Regional Patterns in a Global Empire" Lisbon, Portugal, 25th September - 2nd October 2016

Second Update from Jerash

2016.08.24by students Mette Normann Pedersen, Mie Egelund Lind and Line Egelund.

XXX (Photo: Danish-German Jerash Nortwest Quarter Project).

Update from Jerash (25 July–6 August 2016)

2016.08.09By students Line Egelund, Mie Egelund Lind and Mette Normann Pedersen.

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