Ceramics in Context


Ceramics were a ubiquitous commodity in Antiquity. Due to its high prevalence and functionality, ceramics constitute a source of absolutely fundamental empirical material in archaeology, which can be studied across time and space. The development of distinguishable types (studies of form development - typologies) that slowly but surely evolved (often over centuries) serves as the most important dating criteria in Classical Archaeology. As a result, an understanding of society in Antiquity relies heavily on the exploration and understanding of ceramics. This 3-year research project, involving an assistant professor, a PhD student and student assistants, takes a context-first approach to the study of ceramics, and the aim is to optimise the gain of this important group of materials through contextualisation.


Field report from Jerash

2017.04.07by Assistant Professor Heike Möller and PhD student Kristine Thomsen.

Glimpses from the Jerash exhibition

2017.02.28On Friday 24 February, a new exhibition opened at the Museum of Ancient Art in Aarhus.

Studentermedhjælpere til forskningsprojekt Keramik i Kontekst 893388

2017.02.27Studentermedhjælperne skal hjælpe Professor Rubina Raja i det kollektive forskningsprojekt Keramik i Kontekst.

Photo: Line Egelund.

Summary of the conference ‘Conspicuous Productions’

2016.10.14By student Line Egelund.

Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project

2016.10.05Season-Report 2016 - now online

30th Congress of Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores

2016.09.14"New Perspectives on Roman Pottery: ​Regional Patterns in a Global Empire" Lisbon, Portugal, 25th September - 2nd October 2016

Second Update from Jerash

2016.08.24by students Mette Normann Pedersen, Mie Egelund Lind and Line Egelund.

XXX (Photo: Danish-German Jerash Nortwest Quarter Project).

Update from Jerash (25 July–6 August 2016)

2016.08.09By students Line Egelund, Mie Egelund Lind and Mette Normann Pedersen.

Keramik und Glas aus dem Areal der Friedhofskirche

2016.07.01New publication by UrbNet Assistant professor Heike Möller (Ceramics in Context) and Johannes Becker (Ruhr-Universität Bochum).

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