Aarhus University is going to space...

AUSAT is a strategic project aiming at assessing, designing and developing nano-satellites for research
and education at Aarhus University. This is done across departments at Science and Technology and
in close collaboration with the industry partner GomSpace A/S.

In the AUSAT project we are planning to launch a series of science related nanosatellites under the aigis of Aarhus University and in a close collaboration between three partners at the university: The Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Department of Engineering and The Department of Geoscience.

We are exploring the unique opportunities of synergies between industry and the university efforts of research and education. The importance of our endeavour is marked by the newly implemented Danish National Space Strategy published in June 2016.


Delphini-1 is the first mission under the AUSAT space programme. 


2017.08.29 | Research news

Workshop 1 - Startup

Today we have started our first workshop 'Delphini-1, Aarhus University's First Satellite'. As part of this workshop students will build the Delphini-1 satellite and the ground station to talk to it once in space. Stay tuned for updates!  

2017.03.27 | Research news

Press release

Aarhus University press release regarding Delphini-1


Thu 06 Jul
11:00-15:12 | 1520-726
Application Deadline
Tue 29 Aug
11:00-15:12 | 1520-726
WS-1 Startup

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