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The AU Social Robotics Lab is an interdisciplinary research unit where researchers from robotics (engineering and computer science) collaborate with researchers in design, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and cognitive science to produce research and applications in social robotics.

The lab uses the research format of “Integrative Social Robotics” (ISR). ISR is a method which proceeds from socio-cultural values and integrates all relevant scientific expertise and stakeholder input into innovative robotics solutions that are socially and ethically desirable.

Due to its value-driven, wide-scope interdisciplinary, and fully participatory approach, the AU Social Robotics Lab is uniquely qualified to address the complex technical and socio-cultural challenges that arise when robots are used within the space of human social interactions.

The AU Social Robotics Lab welcomes and facilitates MA Thesis projects from engineering, the humanities as well as social and human sciences that lend themselves to collaborative interdisciplinary embedding. For more information on possible thesis projects, please visit our thesis offers page.

Our research activities focus on investigating underlying mechanisms for social cognition and development. For this, we use and develop socially interactive robots which special emphasis on the interactions and affordances of such robots:

  • To study the underlying mechanisms for social cognition
  • To build embodied computational models of human social behaviour
  • To build embodied models of cognitive development
  • To improve diagnostic and therapy of social deficits and disorders, and
  • To develop socially sustainable solutions for socially interactive robots. 


Nicolas Navarro Guerrero

Assistant Professor