2016.01.13 |

Soil science gives our dirt a second life

Horizon magazine, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Magazine, has now published the article ‘Soil science gives our dirt a second life’ which features work on the SmartSOIL project

2015.11.03 |

Agra Europe article announces launch of SmartSOIL toolbox

SmartSOIL Toolbox is launched. This new online toolbox aims to support farmers, advisers and policy makers in identifying management practices that are optimal for between crop productivity, soil quality and soil carbon storage. It provides an interactive decision support tool (SmartSOIL Tool), FactSheets, Real Life Cases, Videos, Policy options…

Farmer from Denmark, Bjarne Hansen is interviewed by Peter Woodward. Click on photo to enlarge

2015.10.06 |

Successful SmartSOIL Project Final Conference

The SmartSOIL project final conference took place on 30th September 2015 at the Halles des Tanneurs in Brussels. Around 100 participants representing policy-makers, farmer unions and advisory organisations, researchers, NGOs, Member States and regional authorities, researchers and farmers attended the day-long event.

2015.09.11 |

SmartSOIL at Joint OECD and France conference, 16th September 2015

Both Ana Iglesias and Michael MacLeod presented SmartSOIL findings at “Agriculture and agricultural soils facing climate change and food security challenges: public policies and practices” September 16, 2015 a Joint OECD and France conference.

2015.05.21 |

SmartSOIL final conference, 30 September 2015 in Halles des Tanneurs, Brussels

We are pleased to invite you to the conference "SmartSOIL: sustainable soil management aimed at reducing threats to soils under climate change" on 30 September 2015 in Halles des Tanneurs, Brussels. The conference will conclude the 4-year research project funded by the 7th Framework Programme.

The authors with a farmer discussing adaptation and mitigation choices in arid agriculture.

2015.04.09 |

SmartSOIL at the CLIMATE-SMART Agriculture 2015 Global Science Conference

Ana Iglesias, Berta Sánchez, UPM, Spain participated in this event and presented their work about " Exploring strategic management of agricultural systems to link mitigation and adaptation to climate change"

2015.03.17 |

The SmartSOIL project will be represented at the REMEDIA IV Workshop in Madrid (23-25 March 2015)

Organized by researchers from the Technical University of Madrid, the REMEDIA IV Workshop will take place in Madrid and focus on mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions from agro-forestry systems

Corn planted into no-till corn residue in 2008 near Minden, Iowa. Photo: USDA-NRCS

2014.05.11 |

US researchers question published no-till soil organic carbon sequestration rates

For the past 20 years, researchers have published soil organic carbon sequestration rates. Many of these findings have suggested that soil organic carbon (SOC) can be sequestered in soil, or stored long-term, simply by switching from conventional tillage to no-till systems.

2014.05.06 |

Rewards for sequestering carbon can help improve food security

The global food supply could be made more secure by actively encouraging smallholder farmers in countries that have an insecure food supply to sequester carbon in the soil by altering their cultivation practices. This can also improve soil quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2014.04.18 |

SmartSOIL results presented at The 11th European IFSA Symposium

Read the SmartSOIL and Catch-C presentations here.

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