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TRANSOR Workshop I (January 2015)

Methodological Problems of Social Robotics


Begin: Wednesday, January 28, 13:00

End: Friday, January 30, 13:00

Location: Aarhus University (Building 1441, Auditorium 2)

Description: The new field of social robotics is a multidisciplinary area of research that presents special methodological challenges to both empirical and conceptual investigations.  While researchers in social robotics are aware of these challenges in relation to their disciplinary perspectives, the  specific methodological issues of social robotics as a transdisciplinary area have not yet been explicitly addressed and clarified. 

The TRANSOR network is the first European network involving the full spectrum of disciplines involved in social robotics research: robotics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, cognitive science linguistics, art, philosophy, history of ideas, and information science.  The TRANSOR network is thus in a unique position to provide the missing methodological discussion, to work towards a 'methodology for social robotics,' and in this way to make a substantive contribution to international social robotics research.

This inaugural workshop of the TRANSOR workshop series will serve two aims, introducing the direction of research and taking stock of the status quo:

  • Direction of research: First, the workshop shall bring the overall program into focus--we will try to work towards identifying the key methodological questions for social robotics research as a transdisciplinary area by appreciating the different viewpoints on methodological problems from each single disciplinary perspective, and by getting clear on whether and how social robotics deviates from other interdisciplinary research areas. 
  • Current status: Second, the workshop shall inform about all research initiatives currently undertaken by network members, so that TRANSOR can establish itself as a joint research platform for the exchange of ideas but also for the planning of concrete collaborations on (i) research studies, (ii) grant proposals, and (iii) shared guest researchers.