Aarhus University Seal

ODIN's governance structure is illustrated in the figure to the left.

The ODIN project itself is coordinated by a secretariat based at Aarhus University. You can find out more about the secretariat here.

ODIN's Project Review Committee (PRC) assessed and nominated project proposals for funding in our two call rounds. The Committee members equally represented AU researchers and industry partners to reflect that ODIN is a co-created initiative.

The applications from our two call rounds were also evaluated (in a pseudonymized manner) by an international Peer Review Panel (iPRP) that consisted of three external experts with expertise within our focus areas target validation and biomarkers as well as the open approach in general. 

Based on the evaluations from the PRC and the iPRP, selected projects were nominated for funding to our Steering Group. The Steering Group counts the Deans of NAT, TECH and HELTH from AU as well as company representatives.

During our project period, Center for Forskningsanalyse (AU) conducts an impact assessment of ODIN.