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2021.01.28 | People , MiCO Platform

Meet the MiCO Platform team

The team behind the MiCO Platform project aims to develop an alternative to the animal models currently used to validate drug candidates. With a starting point in human stem cells, the team will develop so-called miniaturized controlled organoids (artificial mini-brains), which will provide a more accurate model for human neurological…

2021.01.27 | People , BIOMETSCO

Meet the BIOMETSCO team

The BIOMETSCO project combines key academic competences within molecular biology, clinical pathology and bioinformatics with support from the industry and hospitals. Read more about the team in the text below.

2021.01.25 | People , KidDO

Meet the KidDO team

About 1 in 4 people develop chronic kidney disease during their lifetime. The goal of the KidDO project – one of the first five projects funded in ODIN – is to find biomarkers that can help identify people at risk for developing this disease at an early timepoint. Below you can read more about the KidDO team members