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2021.02.22 | KidDO

Introducing the KidDO project

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is progressive disease that can eventually lead to kidney failure, and it is also associated to increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Approximately 1 in 4 people will develop CKD during their lifetime, and the participants in the KidDO project aim to identify metabolites that predict kidney cell phenotypes and…

2021.02.22 | oLIVER

Introducing the oLIVER project

Using a technology based on an entirely new approach named APTA-SHAPE, the oLIVER project team aims to identify novel biomarkers in blood from NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) and NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) patients.

2021.02.22 | THOR

Introducing the THOR project

This short video introduces the THOR project and its team members. The THOR team holds expertise within the areas of atherosclerosis, smooth muscle cells, genetics and drug development. Together they aim to identify key disease mechanisms involving smooth muscle cells, which can be targeted in the treatment of atherosclerotic diseases.

2021.02.22 | MiCO Platform

Introducing the MiCO Platform Project

With a starting point in human stem cells, the MiCO Platform team will develop artificial mini-brains, which will provide a more accurate model for human neurological disorders and function as an alternative to the animal models currently used to validate drug candidates. This video introduces the team members and the project aim.

2021.02.22 | BIOMETSCO

Introducing the BIOMETSCO Project

In this short video, you will get to know the BIOMETSCO project and its team members. The project aims to use a new state-of-the-art approach, digital spatial profiling (DSP), to characterize the molecular evolution of cancer sub-clones in tumours and metastatic sites.

2021.02.09 | People , oLIVER , ODINcall1

Meet the oLIVER team

Liver biopsies are invasive and potentially dangerous procedures required for a reliable diagnosis of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – NAFLD. The oLIVER team will combine their expertise from academia, industry, and the clinic to establish a new method for diagnosing NAFLD. Using an entirely new approach known as APTA-SHAPE, the oLIVER…

2021.02.04 | People , THOR

Meet the THOR team

Atherosclerotic vascular diseases are the leading cause of death and disabilities in the world. Although a range of different drugs are available to lower the risk factors for the diseases – i.e. treatments for high cholesterol and blood pressure, it is immensely important that new treatment strategies are identified. The THOR team holds…