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Keeping up with ODIN

This is the place to find out what has happened in ODIN lately. Below, you will (eventually) find a cartoon overview of the things that have taken place in ODIN during the project period. 

You can also read more on our NEWS and EVENTS pages.


The ODIN secretariat is looking forward to announcing the funded projects from the first call round. Different suggestions are discussed and it is decided that the best strategy is a combination of an introduction video together with a written text as well as individual videos about each project, which could both be easily shared to the ODIN network, participating companies, and on social media.

PRC meeting august 2020

27 AUGUST 2020

The eleven members of ODIN's Project Review Committee meet online due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. Prior to the meeting, all members have evaluated each of the incoming applications and the ODIN secretariat has collated all evaluations to be used as a starting point for a qualitative discussion of each application.

Based on the discussions, five applications were nominated for funding to the Steering Group.

9 JULY 2020

Some of the proposers of the submitted ideas were very positive to hear that they had the possibility to spend more time preparing an application for the the second call round. Still, 19 proposers submitted an application based on the idea openly submitted on the matchmaking platform. In the ODIN secretariat, we are happy to find out that more than half of the ideas form the basis for funding applications.

The next step is to ensure that all applications include the necessary documents and prepare the evaluation material for the Project Review Committee (PRC), which nominates applications for funding to ODIN's Steering Group.

Announcing the second call round

30 JUNE 2020

So far, the application call round in has been pressed for time for both researchers and the ODIN secretariat. To ensure that there is enough time for ideas to mature in the open environment, ODIN's Project Review committee has decided to initiate a second call round.

This is possible due to an extended project period granted by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The ODIN project now runds until 30 April 2023.

18 JUNE 2020

During the last three days a lot of new ideas has been uploaded to the matchmaking platform. Most were submitted by AU researchers and a few by industry representatives.

14 JUNE 2020

All applications submitted to the ODIN secretariat must be based on an idea openly presented to the ODIN matchmaking platform to ensure that other network members have the possibility to contribute to the idea maturation.

With only three days left before the deadline for submitting ideas to the matchmaking platform, only 12 ideas have been submitted.

31 MAY 2020

The first application call round in ODIN has been initiated and it consists of four steps:

1. Platform matchmaking

2. Maturation of idea

3. Submission of idea to the digital matchmaking platform (deadline 17 June)

4. Submission of application to the ODIN secretariat for review (deadline 8 July)

The number of submitted ideas was not impressive by the end of May and scientific facilitator Freja worried that only five ideas had been submitted so far.

MAY 2020

After managing the ODIN project alone for a few months, Marie Louise welcomes two new colleagues in the ODIN secretariat: Freja as the scientific facilitator and Ditte as administrative coordinator.

Since the beginning of the year, Marie Louise has already initiated the project, hosted information meetings at different departments at the University, and prepared the launch of the digital matchmaking platform. 

MARCH 2020

As head of ODIN, Marie Louise constituted the 1-one-woman-secretariat in the beginning of the project period.

Naturally there was a lot to do in the launching phase of the project and although a highly engaged group of both researchers and companies had helped set up the foundations for the project, it would be good with some administrative help in the secretariat.