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ODIN Researcher Pitches: Assoc. Prof. Tue Wenzel Kragstrup

Target validation of immunomodulatory drugs by human ex vivo models of arthritis

2021.01.13 | Ditte Høyer Engholm

Date Fri 12 Feb
Time 09:30 10:00
Location Online at MS Teams

Drug development and target validation requires cell-based models. Finding appropriate in vitro models to test immunomodulatory drugs is a challenge because healthy tissue and cells require exogenous immune activation to simulate disease. Here, we show how to use in vivo activated cells from the synovial fluid from patients with inflammatory arthritis to validate drug targets and investigate novel immunoregulatory mechanisms. We specifically propose a project investigating whether off-target effects of cancer immunotherapy can be identified and in this way lead to prevention of immune related adverse effects. However, we look for all collaborators with a need to study target validation of immunomodulatory drugs or with novel techniques to measure the immune reactions in the cell cultures. 

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