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Novo Nordisk - industry partner in THOR

Michael Nyberg and his team from Novo Nordisk are industry partners on the THOR project funded by ODIN. Here, he explains how the collaboration on atherosclerosis with the academic PIs Jacob Fog Bentzon and Mette Nyegaard is well-suited for ODIN’s open innovation platform.

"Unravelling the role of smooth muscle cells in atherosclerosis and how to target these cells is not a one-man job. Here, a team of dynamic, interactive, innovative, and interdisciplinary members are truly needed to fully disclose the complex mechanisms at play – and a platform for this is indeed provided in the open innovation setting of ODIN.”

says Michael Nyberg, Manager and Scientific Lead at Novo Nordisk's Heart & Vasculature Biology.

The THOR project is headed by Jacob Fog Bentzon in collaboration with Mette Nyegaard.

Read more about the THOR project here or watch the THOR introduction video on YouTube.