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Combatting Chronic Kidney Disease

The KidDO team wants to combat Chronic Kidney Disease. This disease affects a lot of people world wide. Also people, who don't know it themselves.

You don’t know it yet. But when you find out it’s too late. 

That’s the case for most patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. 

They simply do not show any symptoms of the disease (aka CKD) before their kidneys can’t take any more. This is why it’s so important to find a way for early diagnosis of CKD.

Small things matter

It’s not just an old saying: Small things DO matter. The KidDO team knows. They are experts in CKD and drug delivery and they are currently trying to identify small molecules that might be able tell us more about the disease and what to do about it. 

About 1 in 4 people will develop CKD during their lifetime – which is higher than most forms of cancer. That’s why the KidDO team are trying to find the small molecules that can help us do two things:


If we can find a way to predict whom is at risk for developing CKD, we can also keep an eye on their health. This will allow doctors to start treatment at an early stage and possibly prevent major kidney damage. If it’s as simple as small molecules in your blood, the doctors will be whooping with joy.


Some of the small molecules that KidDO are investigating may affect the development of CKD. If they can find out which ones play an active role, the team also has new clues about how to design preventive measures or new drugs.