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The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded ODIN 54,5 M DKK over three years to establish the network, facilitate co-creation of novel research projects, and provide funding for the academic component of joint initiatives.

ODIN’s aim is to accelerate discovery of novel therapeutics and diagnostics while improving the efficiency of the development process. To achieve this, ODIN seeks to build a strong foundation of basic science knowledge and analytical tools that anyone can access, use or re-purpose.

Central to this is the idea that a better understanding of disease at the molecular level accelerates discovery – and that this is best achieved through the collaborative work of many minds across the university-industry divide.

All research within ODIN occurs at the precompetitive stages of drug discovery – entirely without IP. The platform is completely open with all knowledge and results shared within the network and made public.

ODIN aims to integrate the efforts of academia and industry in developing better, research-based building blocks from which to construct innovative drugs and diagnostics