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  • ODIN's VISION is to break down the barriers for  industry-academia collaboration and accelerate drug discovery through collective problem-solving,  open sharing of results, and an open approach to IP. 
  • ODIN's MISSION is to create a no-IP collaboration model, where researchers from industry and universities together can build better knowledge foundations for accelerating drug discovery. The ODIN model will facilitate the creation of new and open research projects, and we will share their results with the public. 

In ODIN, our aim is for the open approach and the sharing of ideas, knowledge and resources to become the default collaboration model for both industry and academia within our field. We believe that by making researchers collaborators rather than competitors, society will benefit the most.

The open results from our projects are precompetitive and they can freely be used and repurposed by anyone. In this way, we believe that the open knowledge can act as building blocks for faster and better innovation downstream - e.g. for drug development for the benefit of patients.