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We aim to break down the barriers between industry and academia to unite minds and accelerate drug discovery using open IP models.

The ODIN system for collaboration is built on two major cornerstones:

  • An approach to IP that allows for open sharing of research data and technologies up to TRL 3, where projects are ready for potential commercialisation;
  • A structured process for idea generation and matching of research needs and competences between university and industry stakeholders.

Research at ODIN occurs in a collaborative, open environment where all research results are made public without prior IP protection. This simplifies the initiation of university-industry collaboration and, by allowing knowledge to be made available to a broader audience, increases and accelerates potential use. 

Although ODIN’s open results cannot be patented, everyone is free to use these results to e.g. develop products that can be commercially protected.


By removing concerns over IP protection in early stage research, ODIN not only facilitates academic-industry co-creation of projects but also drives open, collective problem-solving across disciplines as well as between university and industry.