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On this website, you can find out who we are and why we believe that open innovation in science will help create the drugs of tomorrow.

During a 3-year pilot phase from 2020-2023, ODIN will fund research projects where researchers from academia and industry collaborate in an open setting entirely without IP. Together they will create building blocks for faster and better drug development and ultimately benefit both patients, the pharma industry, and universities.

You can use the links below to navigate our website – and if you have any questions or need help finding more information, you are always welcome to contact us.    



By the end of 2022, ODIN's miterm evaluation (the interim impact assessment) was published. 

You can read the full evaluation via the link below. Before you dive in, we can give you a very brief summary:

  1. ODIN is a novel and promising approach to promote university-industry collaborations. We’ve engaged more than 100 academic group leaders and more than 40 companies. This has resulted in a total of 11 funded projects.
  2. Academic participants highlight that the projects are inspired by industry needs and challenges. But they also highlight that they are still free to be curious and follow new leads, when something exciting turns up in their projects.
  3. Industry participants expect that ODIN projects will lead to significant new innovative steps in drug discovery and development. Some even explain that they believe the projects will create a lot of value for both university and industry, and none of them would be able to do it alone.