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Fig. 1. Spatial mapping of phosphorous inside a Viking-age house based on three different grid sizes and their corresponding standard deviations. The maps are produced using ordinary kriging, which calculates the predicted elemental concentrations between samples. Illustration by Pernille L. K. Trant.
Fig. 2. Semivariogram showing the spatial correlation of phosphorous (at an indoor area) with the three grid sizes. When the semivariances are small, samples are strongly correlated at that distance. When the semivariances flattens, the correlation becomes smaller. The semivariogram is used to calculate the predicted concentrations using the semivariogram-model. Illustration by Pernille L. K. Trant.

2020.05.18 |

Soil sampling – when size matters!

Include soil geochemistry when excavating. This can help detangle details that might be invisible on site and hidden in the excavated soils. In this study, PhD Student Pernille L. K. Trant demonstrates why the chosen sampling grid size actually does matter for the result and the archaeological interpretations.

2020.03.24 |

Call for research assistant in the Northern Emporium project

Application deadline: 14 April 2020.

Cross-section of a nail from Ribe, showing a high content of carbon (photo: Line Lauridsen).

2019.12.20 |

Site visit at Vetricella, Siena, and archaeometallurgical analyses of iron from Ribe: Exchange of ideas and knowledge

Research Assistant Line Lauridsen reports on a research trip to the University of Siena, where the Northern Emporium project and the nEU-Med project shared and exchanged ideas and knowledge on iron.

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