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2021.12.23 |

Forskere kaster klarere lys over vikingetidens handel mellem Mellemøsten og Skandinavien

Danske forskere fastslår nu mere præcist end nogensinde før, hvornår vikingetidens handel mellem Mellemøsten og Skandinavien startede.

2021.12.22 |

Oldgammel solstorm og 107.000 nye fund fra Ribe ændrer den danske vikinge-historie

Det var ikke handel med Mellemøsten, der kickstartede vikingetiden, konkluderer danske forskere i nyt Nature-studie.

The Viking-age emporium Ribe, Denmark, has preserved an extremely detailed stratigraphy of housefloors, workshops and waste deposits from the period c. 700 – c. 900 CE. This has enabled the researchers in the Northern Emporium Project to chart the arrival of trade goods during the time when Viking-Age sea-trade emerged. The layers next to the hand of the archaeologist in the centre of the picture is where the 775 CE Miyaki event is detected by radiocarbon dating. Photo: The Museum of Southwest Jutland

2021.12.22 |

New dates for Viking trade

An interdisciplinary Danish team of researchers has used new astronomical knowledge to establish an exact time anchor for the arrival of trade flows from the Middle East in Viking-age Scandinavia. The results are published in the leading international journal Nature.

2021.12.07 |

Professor Søren M. Sindbæk receives Carlsberg Foundation Monograph Fellowship

Professor Søren M. Sindbæk receives the grant for the project Northern Emporia. An Archaeology of Urban Networks.

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