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Sweden and the debates on New International Economic Order

In a new article in the Scandinavian Journal of History senior project member Carl Marklund analyses the Swedish debates on New International Economic Order (NIEO) in the 1970s.

2019.08.16 | Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

In all Nordic countries, the combined punch of the global oil crisis, the green wave, and the calls for a New International Economic Order (NIEO) formulated by newly independent countries in the global South set off debates that concerned their position regarding international development and global environment. "In Sweden", Marklund writes, "these debates reflect the emergence of (inter)national knowledge production about economic inequalities, ecological imbalances, and sustainable development." By examining the debates and this new knowledge production, the article further explores the influence of the NIEO agenda in shaping what Marklund terms Sweden’s "double loyalties" - as a solidaristic small state and as a competitive advanced economy.

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