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Congratulations to Andreas Mørkved Hellenes on a Successful PHD Defense

Andreas Mørkved has defended his Ph.D. dissertation "Fabricating Sweden."

2019.05.08 | Byron Zachary Rom-Jensen

Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, postdoctoral researcher on the “Nordic Models” project, successfully defended his dissertation at the University of Oslo last month. Andreas’s dissertation, entitled Fabricating Sweden. Studies of Swedish Public Diplomacy in France from the 1930s to the 1990s, explores the circulations of images of Sweden within France from the interwar period to the entry of Sweden into the EU in 1995. In this original study, Andreas explores the joint impact of French politicians’ search for foreign models and the Swedish government’s efforts to project their country’s reputation abroad, noting how actors on both sides constructed images of Sweden’s past and future to advance these goals.

You can read more about Andreas’s doctoral research at https://www.hf.uio.no/iakh/forskning/aktuelt/arrangementer/disputaser/2019/hellenes.html.

We look forward to Andreas' future contributions on Nordic conceptual circulations in Europe and abroad as part of our team. Well done Andreas!

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