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Dr Emma Haapaniemi. Photo: Matti Immonen

2021.07.06 | Research news

Developing better therapies for rare immune diseases

Dr Emma Haapaniemi is head of the Precision Pediatrics and Gene Editing group at NCMM. Here, she describes the impacts and burden that rare immune diseases have on patients and how she is working to help provide them with a cure.

Dr Keisuke Yonehara. Photo: Annabel Darby

2021.06.15 | People

Keisuke Yonehara: How experience gained at DANDRITE helped him secure a permanent professorship in Japan

Keisuke Yonehara is head of the Spatially Asymmetric Neural Circuits in Visual System group at DANDRITE

Oslo Science Park. Photo: John Hughes/UiO

2021.06.11 | People

NCMM opens new call for group leaders

The Centre is seeking 2-3 new group leaders in AI/Machine Learning and Cell-based Approaches

Professor Poul Nissen awarded Anders Jahre's major medical award in 2021 for his research in membrane proteins. Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen.

2021.06.10 | Awards

Professor Poul Nissen, Director of DANDRITE, receives the Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize 2021

Prof. Nissen recognised for his ground-breaking research into the structure and function of membrane proteins.

Picture: Maria Fällman and Kemal Avican at Umeå University campus. Credit: Gabrielle Beans Picón.

2021.06.08 | Research news

MIMS and FIMM collaboration: Stress responses in cross-microbial species are disclosed

The Fällman group has published a new article in Nature Communications with the title: “RNA atlas of human bacterial pathogens uncovers stress dynamics linked to infection”. The project involved collaboration with researchers at FIMM/University of Helsinki.

AI-detected suspicious regions in a PAP smear. Photo: Rahim Khan
Dr Johan Lundin. Photo: Ulf Sirborn

2021.05.12 | Research news

Johan Lundin: How AI can help in a healthcare setting

Professor Johan Lundin is a Research Director at FIMM (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland), University of Helsinki. He is also a Professor of Medical Technology at the Karolinska Institutet. His research specializes in developing and studying technologies to aid diagnostics at the point of care, in particular in research-limited countries.…

2021.05.11 | Research news

Latest public release of FinnGen data

FinnGen, which is coordinated by researchers at Nordic EMBL node FIMM, is excited to announce that the FinnGen data freeze 5 results and summary statistics are now publicly available.

2021.05.04 | News from the management

Launch of Danemo: A new initiative to promote the opportunities at EMBL and EMBO

The establishment of DANEMO is designed to help strengthen the Danish life sciences and biophysics

Photo: Ellen Bushell and Oliver Billker, malaria researchers at MIMS, Umeå University. Credit: Mattias Petterson

2021.04.23 | Research news

Malaria researchers at MIMS, Ellen Bushell and Oliver Billker, reflect on World Malaria Day (25 April)

During the World Health Assembly in 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) Member States established 25th April as World Malaria Day. Fourteen years have passed, and malaria is still a global threat, claiming over 400, 000 lives every year, mostly killing children under 5 according to the WHO.

Photo: Joseph Chan/Unsplash

2021.04.20 | People

Three NCMM research groups extended for a further four years

Following a successful evaluation by NCMM’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), the NCMM Board has decided to extend the groups of Irep Gözen, Nikolina Sekulic, and Anthony Mathelier

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Upcoming Partnership Events

Mon 08 Nov
10:50-10:50 | Oslo
PhD Course in Molecular Medicine
NCMM will organise their annual PhD course in Molecular Medicine. The event runs for two weeks.
Wed 01 Dec
10:56-10:56 | FIMM/University of Helsinki, Finland
FIMM Building Bridges 2021
'From Research Infrastructure to Clinical Translation'
Mon 31 Jan
12:06-12:06 | Aarhus
Annual Nordic EMBL Partnership Network Meeting
Hosted by DANDRITE. Further details to follow.

News on publications

Pathogenex tool.

2021.06.08 | Publication

RNA atlas of human bacterial pathogens uncovers stress dynamics linked to infection

Bacterial pathogens have to cope with stressful environments in human host. Their response with the activity of gene products enables them to adapt to those stressful environments and cause troublesome infections. Therefore, genes involved in the adaptation are potential targets for new antimicrobials.

2021.02.01 | Publication

Cryo-EM structure of Helicobacter pylori urease with an inhibitor in the active site at 2.0 Å resolution

The Luecke Group at NCMM have published in the journal Nature Communications

2021.02.01 | Publication

Binocular integration of retinal motion information underlies optic flow processing by the cortex

Rune Nguyen Rasmussen and Akihiro Matsumoto et al. from Keisuke Yonehara’s lab have published in Current Biology.

Journal cover - featuring imagery from Irep Gözen.

2020.11.26 | Publication

Biological lipid nanotubes and their potential role in evolution

Research from the Gözen group at NCMM published in The European Physical Journal Special Topics.

Illustration by Björn O. Schröder

2020.09.10 | Publication

New publication from MIMS group leader Björn O. Schröder in JBC on function of microbiota in obese mice

The paper, 'Obesity-associated microbiota contributes to mucus layer defects in genetically obese mice', has been published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Illustration by Barbara S. Sixt, showing a viable cell infected with Chlamydia, which reside in a vacuole inside the host cell. Due to the occuring cell death, the host cell dies and releases the bacteria.

2020.09.10 | Publication

A high profile review article from MIMS group leader Barbara S. Sixt on host cell death modulation by the bacterial pathogen Chlamydia

The review has been published in the journal FEMS Microbiology Reviews.

2020.09.02 | Research news, Publication

Comment article: Predicting Cancer Evolution Using Cell State Dynamics

Dr Kuijjer's article, 'Predicting Evolution Using Cell State Dynamics', examines research using state transitions to model cancer development and progression.

Protocells. Image: Advanced Science News

2020.09.02 | Publication

Rapid Growth and Fusion of Protocells in Surface‐Adhered Membrane Networks

Elevated temperatures might have promoted the nucleation, growth, and replication of protocells on the early Earth.

The scheme shows the TRACE method that labels active inputs to a specific brain area through a retrograde labelling activity depended viral approach. Credit: First author Nathalie Krauth

2020.05.14 | Knowledge exchange, Publication

Joint efforts between Nabavi and Capogna group have led to the development of a novel approach named TRACE ´Tracing Retrogradely the Activated Cell Ensemble’

The neural circuitry teams at DANDRITE and PROMEMO introduce a novel approach in their latest publication, which selectively labels sensory inputs that are activated by a defined stimulus and directed to a region of interest in the brain.

Photo: Manuel Rivas, Adapted from image by Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications

2020.05.06 | Publication, Knowledge exchange

Gene vari­ants that pro­tect against glauc­oma iden­ti­fied, open­ing thera­peutic pos­sib­il­it­ies

An international research collaboration led by researchers from the University of Helsinki and Stanford University has identified rare changes in a gene called ANGPTL7 that lower intraocular pressure and significantly reduce the risk of glaucoma. The results open important new therapeutic possibilities.

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