Umeå Centre for Microbial Research (UCMR): Postdoc

Postdoctoral Fellow: Autophagy and Chemo-optogenetics.

We are looking for an ambitious postdoc to work on an ERC-funded project on autophagy and chemo-optogenetics. The fellowship is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW). The project is interdisciplinary with strong collaborations across scientific disciplines. 

Apply by 1 February 2021.

FIMM: Two pro­ject co­ordin­at­ors

The Research Services unit of University Services is seeking for outstanding candidates for two Project coordinator positions to support research directors at FIMM. Both positions contain various administrative and communications tasks.

Post 1 is positioned in Dr. Andrea Ganna’s research group and the candidate’s tasks include e.g. assisting in coordinating and managing the INTERVENE consortia and supporting the daily operations of the Ganna group.

Post 2 is positioned in Research Director Caroline Heckman’s research group and the succesfull candidate’s tasks include e.g. responsibilities for organizing cancer-related meetings within FIMM and coordinating FIMM-iCAN partnership activities.

Apply by December 6, 2020.

MIMS: The Schröder Lab is seeking a PhD student or postdoctoral researcher.

The Schröder group is currently seeking a highly motivated team member that thrives in a very productive environment and has obtained a university degree (M. Sc for PhD student; PhD for postdoctoral researcher) in mucosal barrier function, microbiology or gut microbiota research. Previous working experience with rodents, probiotics, gut microbiota sequence analyses and confocal imaging techniques are strong merits.