Neuron types in the mammalian amygdala

Neuron types in the mammalian amygdala, Marco Capogna, DANDRITE

"The image was created by Ben Micklem in Oxford who was working in my group."This image shows a 3D reconstruction of a neuron type - composed by a cell body, dendritic and axonal processes- in the rodent amygdala that we have discovered in our research. The name of this neuron type is a giant intercalated neuron, and this cell communicates with other neurons by releasing the neurotransmitter GABA. Most of the axonal branches (yellow lines) project nearby the cell body but some axonal branches also reach far away cortical areas. This challenges a dogma because GABAergic neurons tend to communicate only with other neurons nearby. In contrast, this GABAergic neuron type communicates also with neurons located in other brain areas, such as the cortex."