Research groups

Group Leaders at DANDRITE

Photo of Poul Nissen

Poul Nissen, DANDRITE Director

Professor Nissen is head of the Structural and Functional Studies of Membrane Transporters in Brain group. 

Research focus: Protein structure-function of membrane proteins.

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Anders Nykjær photo

Anders Nykjær

Professor Anders Nykjær is a Core Group Leader and head of the Receptor Biology Group at DANDRITE. 

Research focus: Cell Biology and animal modeling of neuronal membrane receptor systems.

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Photo of Poul Henning Jensen

Poul Henning Jensen

Professor Henning Jensen is a Core Group Leader and head of the Neurodegenerative Disease Laboratory Group. 

Research focus: Molecular neurodegenerative studies.

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Photo of Anne v Philipsborn

Anne von Philipsborn

Dr Anne von Philipsborn is head of the Circuits for Motor Control and Behavioural Organisation group. 

Research focus: Drosophila circuit neuroscience and behaviour.

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Photo of Mark Denham

Mark Denham

Dr. Mark Denham is head of the Stem Cells group. 

Research focus: Human pluripotent stem cells.

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Photo of Duda Kvitsiani

Duda Kvitsiani

Dr Kvitsiani is head of the Neuronal Basis of Decision-making in Fruit Flies and Mice group. 

Research focus: Neuronal circuits and molecular basis of effort based decision-making.

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Photo of Keisuke Yonehara

Keisuke Yonehara

Dr Yonehara is head of the Spatially Asymmetric Neural Circuits in Visual System group.

Research focus: Structure, function and development of neural circuits in visual system.

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Photo of Sadegh Nabavi

Sadegh Nabavi

Dr. Nabavi is head of the Memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels Group. 

Research focus: Memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels.

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Group Leaders at FIMM

Photo of Mark daly

Mark Daly, FIMM Director & Speaker of the Nordic EMBL Partnership

Professor Mark Daly is head of the Human Disease Genetics group. 

Research focus: Hu­man ge­netic dis­cov­ery and trans­la­tion activ­it­ies.

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Photo of Tero Aittokallio

Tero Aittokallio

Dr Aittokallio is head of the Computational Systems Medicine group.

Research focus: Network-centric and machine learning-based approaches to modeling and predicting complex relationships between genetic dependencies and medical phenotypes.

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Photo of Andrea Ganna

Andrea Ganna

Dr Andrea Ganna is head of the Data Science for Population-scale Registry and Biobank Data group.

Research focus: Statistical and deep learning approaches

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Leif Groop

Leif Groop

Professor Leif Groop is head of the Genomics of Type 2 Diabetes and Related Disorders group. 

Research focus: The heterogeneity of diabetes and the pathogenic events leading to type 2 diabetes.

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Caroline Heckman

Caroline Heckman

Dr Caroline Heckman is head of the Translational Research and Personalised Medicine group. 

Research focus: Pathogenic and drug resistance mechanisms in hematological malignancies.

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Photo of Peter Horvath

Peter Horvath

Dr Peter Horvath is head of the BIOMAG (Biological Image Analysis and Machine Learning Group).

Research focus: Microscopic image segmentation and tracking, Microscopic image correction techniques, and Machine Learning.

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Photo of Olli

Olli Kallioniemi

Professor Olli Kallioniemi is head of the Individualised Systems Medicine Group.

Research focus: Precision cancer medicine

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Jaakko Kaprio

Professor Jaakko Kaprio, Head of Genetic Epidemiology Group

Research focus: Genetic Epidemiology

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Photo of Helena Kilpinen

Helena Kilpinen

Dr Helena Kilpinen is head of the Cellular Genetics of Disease group.

Research focus: Cellular genetics and the cellular basis of developmental and other brain-related disorders

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Photo of Katja

Katja Kivinen, FIMM Research Director

Dr Katja Kivinen is head of the Genomics of Pre-eclampsia group.

Research focus: Pregnancy-related disorders, with focus on pre-eclampsia.

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Johan Lundin photo

Johan Lundin

Professor Johan Lundin is head of the Clinical Informatics and Image-based Diagnostics Group. 

Research focus: The group studies and develops methods for personalized prediction of disease outcome and image based diagnostics.

Visit the Lundin Group page. 

Hanna Ollila

Dr Hanna Ollila is a FIMM-Group Leader. 

Research focus: Genetics of sleep.

Visit the Ollila Group page.

Miina Ollikainen

Miina Ollikainen

Dr Miina Ollikainen is head of the Epigenetics of Complex Diseases and Traits Group. 

Research focus: To assess the contribution of genome and epigenome to obesity and other complex diseases and traits using study designs suitable for twin and population-based cohorts.

Visit the Ollikainen Group page. 

Lassi Paavolainen

Dr. Lassi Paavolainen is head of the Bioimaging Profiling Group. 

Research focus: Uncovering complex information from bioimages using machine learning.

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Aarno Palotie

Aarno Palotie

Dr. Aarno Palotie is head of the Genomics of Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Disorders Group. 

Research focus: The genetics of neurological, neurodevelopmental, and neuropsychiatric traits.

Visit the Palotie Group page. 

Photo Matti Pirinen

Matti Pirinen

Dr. Pirinen is head of the Computational Genomics Group. 

Research focus: The group combines a thorough understanding of statistical modeling with real life experience on what works in practice. 

Visit the Pirinen Group page. 

Esa Pitkänen

Dr Esa Pitkänen is a FIMM-Group Leader.

Research focus: Esa group focuses novel machine learning and computational methods for biomedicine. 

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photo Samuli Ripatti

Samuli Ripatti, FIMM Vice Director

Professor Samuli Ripatti is head of the Statistical and Translational Genetics.

Research focus: Genome-wide variation and its relation to complex traits and diseases, with a particular focus, but not limited to, on cardiovascular diseases and metabolism.

Visit the Ripatti Group page. 

Photo of Janna Saarela

Janna Saarela

Professor Janna Saarela is head of the Human Immune Disorders group (shared with NCMM). 

Research focus: Improving the understanding of biological pathways and pathogenic mechanisms behind rare and common immune diseases

Visit the Saarela Group page. 

Taru Tukiainen

Taru Tukiainen

Dr. Taru Tukiainen is head of the Genomics of Sex Differences in Health and Disease Group.

Research focus: The investigation of sex biases in both genetic and transcriptomic data particularly utilizing the extensively-phenotyped Finnish population cohorts.

Visit the Tukiaien Group page.

Emmy Verschuren photo

Emmy Verschuren

Dr. Emmy Verschuren is head of the Lung Cancer Model Systems Group.

Research focus: The biological properties of lung cancer drivers in their physiological complex microenvironment, and using this knowledge to build diagnostic models of lung cancer.

Visit the Verschuren Group page. 

Eero Vuoksenmaa

Eero Vuoksimaa

Dr. Eero Vuoksimaa is head of the Cognitive and Brain Ageing Group.

Research focus: The group aims to understand the pathways from protective and risk factors to old age cognition and brain health, aiming to improve the early identification of individuals with high risk of cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Visit the Vuoksimaa Group page. 

Photo Elisabeth Widen

Elisabeth Widén

Dr. Elisabeth Widén is head of the Genes Influencing Puberty and Their Impact on Adult Health Group. 

Research focus: The group seeks to uncover novel mutations and genes causing fatal arrhythmia, a disorder for which there is an urgent need for more accurate pre-symptomatic molecular diagnosis, and to elucidate the genetic and developmental framework underlying puberty.

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Group Leaders at MIMS

Oliver Billker photo

Oliver Billker, MIMS Director

Dr. Oliver Billker is head of the Experimental Genomics of Malaria Transmission Group.

Visit the Billker Group page.

Photo Jonas Barandun

Jonas Barandun

Dr. Jonas Barandun is head of the Structural Biology in Infection Medicine Group.

Research focus: The group uses a combination of in vivo assays, biochemistry and cryo-electron microscopy to study macromolecular complexes of specialized pathogenic organisms.

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Photo of Ellen Bushell

Ellen Bushell

Dr. Ellen Bushell is head of the Parasite-host interactions that govern malaria infection and disease Group.

Visit the Bushell Group page.

Photo Maria Fällman

Maria Fällman - MIMS Deputy Director

Professor Maria Fällman is head of the Molecular mechanisms in the interplay between bacteria and host during gastrointestinal infections Group.  

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Johan Henriksson photo

Johan Henriksson

Dr Johan Henriksson is head of the T cell Systems Biology Group. 

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Photo of Andrea Puhar

Andrea Puhar

Andrea Puhar is head of the Endogenous danger signals in infection and inflammation Group.

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Photo of Linda Sandblad

Linda Sandblad

Linda Sandblad is head of Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy and research team studying the spatial, intramolecular structure and interatctions of bacterial cytoskeleton protein networks.

Visit the Sandblad Group page.

Photo Bjorn Schroder

Björn O. Schröder

Björn O. Schröder is head of the Gut Microbiota and Intestinal Mucosal Barrier Function Group. 

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Barbara Sixt photo

Barbara Sixt

Dr. Barbara Sixt is head of the Cell-autonomous Immunity Group.

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Group Leaders at NCMM

Janna photo

Janna Saarela, NCMM Director

Professor Janna Saarela is head of the Human Immune Disorders Group.

Research Focus: Understanding of biological pathways and pathogenic mechanisms behind rare and common immune diseases.

Visit the Saarela Group page.

Photo of Camila

Camila Vicencio Esguerra

Dr Camila Esguerra is head of the Chemical Neuroscience Group.

Visit the Esguerra Group page. 

Photo Irep Gozen

Irep Gözen

Dr Irep Gözen is head of the Bionanotechnology and Membrane Systems Group.

Visit the Gözen Group page

Emma H photo

Emma Haapaniemi

Dr Emma Haapaniemi is head of the Precision Pediatrics and Gene Editing Group.

Visit the Haapaniemi Group page. 

Photo Marieke Kuijjer

Marieke Kuijjer

Dr Marieke Kuijjer is head of the Computational Biology and Systems Medicine Group.

Area of expertise: Use of computational and systems biology to better understand gene regulation.

Visit the Kuijjer Group Page. 

Sandra Lopez-Aviles photo

Sandra Lopez-Aviles

Dr Sandra Lopez-Aviles is head of the Cell Cycle Regulations Group.

Area of Expertise: Mechanisms controlling progression through the cell cycle, using fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe as a model organism. 

Visit the Lopez-Aviles Group page. 

Anthony Mathelier photo

Anthony Mathelier

Dr Anthony Mathelier is head of the Computational Biology and Gene Regulation Group. 

Research Focus: Computational biology, with a focus on gene expression regulation and the mechanisms by which it can be disrupted in human diseases such as cancer.

Visit the Mathelier Group page

Nikolina photo

Nikolina Sekulic

Dr Nikolina Sekulic is head of the Structural Biology and Chromatin Group.

Research Focus: The Sekulic Group is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that assure genomic stabliity during cell division. 

Visit the Sekulic Group page

Judith Staerk photo

Judith Staerk

Dr Judith Staerk is head of the Stem Cell Group.

Research Focus: The group focuses on deciphering the molecular processes that govern human pluripotent stem cell renewal and differentiation, and physiological and malignant hematopoitic and neural development.

Visit the Staerk Group page

Sebastian Waszak

Dr Sebastian Waszak is head of the Computational Oncology Group.

Research Focus: Large patient populations, multi-modal data integration, and computational methods to study rare cancers. One specific focus is the development of precision medicine strategies for pediatric brain cancer patients. 

Visit the Waszak Group page.

infographic showing figures to represent numbers of group leaders
Group Leaders in the Nordic EMBL Partnership (as of 2020)