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Conference (postponed to 2022)

The Scientific Expertise, Communication and Trust (SECT) conference originally planned for May 2021 by the MSE group will now be held in 2022 because of overlaps with conferences that were postponed due to Covid-19. We expect to welcome the following leading academics as keynote speakers: Prof. Maria Baghramian and Prof. Rainer Bromme. Dates to be confirmed in 2021!


Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Rainer Bromme, Institute of Psychology,  Principle Investigator within the PhD program “Trust and Communication in a Digitized World”, University of Münster, Germany.

About Professor Rainer Bromme

Rainer Bromme has been Professor (Educational Psychology) from 1995 to 2016 at the Institute of Psychology, University of Münster, Germany. He was teaching in Bachelor- and Master-programs in Psychology. Now he is appointed as 'Senior Professor' at Münster University, with a focus on research on science communication.
His present research addresses learning in formal and informal learning contexts, especially communication among experts and laypersons, internet use and trust in Science.
From 2009 to 2015 he coordinated a German Science Foundation (DFG) funded research program on Science and the Public: The public understanding of conflicting scientific evidence. (http://wissenschaftundoeffentlichkeit.de/en/). At present, he is one of the PI’s within the DFG funded Research Training Group Trust and Communication in a Digitized World (http://www.uni-muenster.de/GK-Vertrauen-Kommunikation/en/index.html) at the University of Münster.


Professor Maria Baghramian, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Coordinator of Horizon 2020 project, PEriTiA (Policy, Expertise and Trust in Action).

About Professor Maria Baghramian

Maria Baghramian graduated from Queen's University Belfast in Philosophy and Social Anthropology (1983) with a Double First and received a PhD from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in Philosophy of Logic under the supervision of Timothy Williamson (1990). She taught in TCD (1986-1990), and in UCD since 1990. She was the Head of UCD School of Philosophy (2011-2013 and 2017-19) and has been co-director of the Postgraduate Programme in Cognitive Science, UCD, which she co-founded in 2000. Her main research areas are topics in Epistemology and Philosophy of Language, Contemporary American Philosophy (Putnam, Davidson, Rorty and Quine), Relativism. Her publications primarily focus on the topic of intractable disagreements in beliefs and values and on Neo-Pragmatism and most recently on topics from trust and expertise. She is a founding member of the Society for Women in Philosophy, Ireland (SWIP-I) and was elected chair for two terms. Her funded research projects included the American Voice in Philosophy, funded by the Irish Research Council, the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy and the Fulbright Commission and a multidisciplinary research project on peer expert disagreement, "When Experts Disagree" (WEXD), funded by the Irish Research Council, where she, together with Professor Luke Drury of DIAS, investigated cases of expert disagreement in the natural sciences and their impact. This project led to funding for the H2020 project on Policy Expertise and Trust in Action (PEriTiA) which received 3 million Euro funding from the European Commission and runs from 2020-2023. As a member of the Royal Irish Academy, she also contributes to working groups and reports compiled by ALL European Academies (ALLEA) and SAPEA. For further information see http://whenexpertsdisagree.ucd.ie and https://peritia-trust.eu .