CPS Engineering and the INTO-CPS Tool Chain

The INTO-CPS Tool Chain supports a model-based development and verification approach for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs).  It consists of several special-purpose tools from a number of different providers. Being an open technology, it is possible to incorporate other tools that support version 2.0 of the Functional-Mockup Interface (FMI) standard for co-simulation, both commercial as well as open-source, many of which have already been tested.  The constituent tools are dedicated to the different phases of multi-model development and co-simulation activities. 

Development of CPSs with the INTO-CPS technology proceeds with the development of constituent models using dedicated modelling tools. Development also benefits from support for Design Space Exploration (DSE). Constituent models are assembled into multi-models that can be analysed via co-simulation. Other verification techniques provided by the tool chain include hardware- and software-in-the-loop (HiL and SiL) simulation, model-based testing and Linear Temporal Logic model checking of discrete models.  Finally, discrete models can be automatically translated to C implementations for embedded platforms.