ALMaSS Rodenticide ODdox  1.1
The rodenticide model description following ODdox protocol
IDMapScaled Member List

This is the complete list of members for IDMapScaled, including all inherited members.

ClearMapValue(unsigned a_x, unsigned a_y)IDMapScaledinline
GetMapValue(unsigned a_x, unsigned a_y)IDMapScaledinline
IDMap(Landscape *L)IDMap< TAnimal * >inline
IDMapScaled(Landscape *L, int a_gridsize)IDMapScaled
m_TheMapIDMap< TAnimal * >
maxxIDMap< TAnimal * >
maxyIDMap< TAnimal * >
SetMapValue(unsigned a_x, unsigned a_y, TAnimal *p)IDMapScaledinline
~IDMap()IDMap< TAnimal * >inline