Photo: Stefan Junne

2020.02.10 | Events

Open Science Talk “Bio-values from bio-waste"

Increasing sustainability by waste reduction and material cycles are one of the big challenges we are facing today.

Photo: Marianne Claessens, scientific advisor at VLAIO.

2020.02.10 | Research news

Interview with Marianne Claessens, VLAIO

Marianne Claessens, scientific advisor at VLAIO, (Flander’s Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), is evaluating the participation of Flanders in the FACCE SURPLUS project.

Photo: Heather McKhann, coordinator of the FACCE JPI.

2020.02.10 | Research news

Interview with Heather McKhann, FACCE JPI Secretariat

Heather McKhann, coordinator of the FACCE JPI, is commenting on the FACCE Surplus project.

2020.02.06 | Research news


As the ERA-NET FACCE SURPLUS is coming to an end, it is time to look back on the interesting results from the research projects and evaluate their overall impact.

First processing step of class II Belgian Endive (normally fed to animals or brought back to field because it does not fit in the requirements for fresh market) into an ingredient for a delicious vegetable croquette. The underutilized class II Belgian Endive is pressed into a juice and a press cake which is then  heat treated to stabilize and make it food safe. Both the processed juice an press cake are then used in the preparation of the Belgian Endive croquette. In the picture below, the final result is presented. Photo: Bart Van Droogenbroeck.

2020.02.06 | Research news

High-quality applications sought for valuable Cichorium waste and by-product fractions

Producers of Cichorium crops produce significant quantities of by-products and waste fractions that have so far yielded little. However, they contain valuable components. Semi-finished products from the biorefinery of Belgian Endive roots can serve as an ingredient for food and drinks or as a raw material for the production of bioplastics. Within…