2019.06.18 | Workshop

Workshop: Plant architecture traits and efficient energy assimilation for improved biomass and grain production in cereals

The FACCE SURPLUS project BARPLUS is organising an international workshop on "Plant architecture traits and efficient energy assimilation for improved biomass production in cereals" on July 10 and 11.

2019.06.13 | Knowledge exchange

News from MISCOMAR

The third newsletter from MISCOMAR is online.

In this project, researchers will, among other things, develop a screening system for optimized enzyme addition depending on the feedstock. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Photo

2019.06.13 | Research news

New project to focus on plug-flow based acid fermentation

The project PASS-BIO will demonstrate potential benefits of using plug-flow reactors for anaerobic digestion, especially for acid (dark) fermentation and flexible feedstock utilization and nutrient recycling.

INTENSE combines cropping and soil amendment experiments, precision agricultural and crop modeling tools, experimental biomass conversion to energy, assessment of greenhouse gas and nutrient emission and other environmental indicators, as well as socioeconomic models.

2019.06.07 | Publication

INTENSE project publishes vision: How to mobilize marginal lands

The INTENSE project has published a vision on how to both intensify the production of biomass and preserve good soil quality in Europe.

M.Longis presented the PASS-BIO poster. Plug flow reactor–based Acid fermentation for Small-Scale BIOrefineries
FACCE SURPLUS exhibition stands and poster area at EUBCE.

2019.06.07 | Events

FACCE SURPLUS at the EUBCE 2019 in Lisbon

In May 2019, the 27th edition of the European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE) took place in Lisbon, Portugal. The EUBCE is a platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific and industrial know-how in the field of biomass. The conference combines science and technology conferences, together with…