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Workshop/PhD Course 2 in Copenhagen

The Roles of Universities in European Integration
– a workshop/PhD course to develop an emerging research agenda

Date and place:                          

3-5 June 2020
Danish School of Education, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark


This combined workshop and PhD course focuses on the future of European integration. The EU’s Lisbon strategy (working though ERA, EHEA and the Bologna Process) made universities central to the creation of a ‘Europe of Knowledge’ capable of competing with other world regions in a supposedly fast-approaching global knowledge economy. But this economic vision is increasingly questioned, and the UK’s Brexit vote has disrupted many of the ideas and mechanisms for universities to foster European integration (Courtois 2018).

The workshop/PhD course will question the logic of standardisation that has characterised European integration, with its reliance on metrics, and will explore emerging alternatives. We will also discuss the Bologna Process' strategy of 'differential integration' and question assumptions about the future scenarios sketched for higher education in order to generate ideas for alternative ways to engage with differences.

The workshop/PhD is part of a project, led by the Centre for Higher Education, Aarhus University (CHEF) and involving a network of 18 centres of research on higher education across Europe, which PhD students from anywhere are welcome to join.

The project 's aims are to generate a new agenda for research on universities in Europe; to create an inter-generational learning community in which PhDs and early stage researchers are integrated into all the project's agenda-setting activities; and generate a dialogue between researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders. In the workshop/PhD course, keynotes and workshop sessions will draw together existing knowledge and discuss each student’s research project.

Importantly, the aim is also to generate new collaborative networks between early stage and senior researchers to develop new avenues for research on topics they define concerning the roles that universities can play in the critical issues facing Europe’s future. These working groups will be invited to bring their results together in the project's final conference at DPU (the Danish School of Education) in summer 2021.

Please contact the organisers if you wish to attend.