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Wind tunnel

The low-pressure recirculating wind tunnels

                                           AWTSI 2004 Wind tunnel

Drawing of H. Bechtold/Picture of P. Nørnberg

The wind tunnels are used for the multi-disciplinary scientific study of aerosol formation and transport (on Mars and Earth), granular electrification, magnetic properties, erosion, cohesion/adhesion, water transport, UV induced mineralogy, bacterial survival and much more.

The wind tunnels are accessible to national and international collaborators and space agencies for scientific experiments, instrument testing, calibration and qualification. The wind tunnels have been financed by Aarhus University, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Villum Kann Rasmussen Foundation. 

The low pressure wind tunnels are today run as a facility under Department of Physics and Astronomy in the Planetology Laboratory. For access to these please contact Jonathan P. Merrison.    

                                           AWTSII 2010 wind tunnel

Photos by P. Nørnberg

The capabilities of the two wind tunnels are slightly different. The 2010 wind tunnel, which is contained in a ~ 2.5 x 8 m tank, has a test volume much larger than the AWTSI, which is a tube with a cross-section of 40 cm allowing an experimental area of about 0.5 m in length. Except from the size of the experimental volumes, the achievable environmental conditions are similar.

Drawing by H. Bechtold