Civil society & General public

In dialogue with civil society & NGOs  

Looking to the civil society - NGOs, EJP SOIL is aiming at identifying key stakeholders’ demands for improved knowledge. To be successful in achieving objectives it is therefore essential to identify barriers for the implementation of novel technologies for climate smart sustainable soil management and hereby find ways to overcome them.

Outreach to accommodate this, there will be efforts of targeted actions and training by means of knowledge systems, congresses and various training opportunities.

In dialogue with the general public

The EJP SOIL programme will inform and communicate about how good agricultural soils management  influences climate change mitigation and adaptation, food security and the environment. It is of great importance that the general public increases its awareness of the societal value of services provided by agricultural soil, and of the importance of implementation of good management practices.

This will be done by means of the EJP SOIL website, fact-sheets, press releases, short online videos for both the programme in general as well as for individual EJP SOIL projects.

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