Expected impact

EJP SOIL will contribute to long-term alignment of research strategies by developing a shared vision and establishing platforms for network soil stakeholders and scientists in Europe. The shared vision will be developed among consortium partners and will address desirable agricultural soil futures and ways to attain them.

Below, is the list of EJP SOIL's expected 6 impacts. Click on the 'Impact heading' for more details on each impact's expected outputs and outcomes.

Expected impact 1 

Fostering understanding of soil management and its influence on climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainable agricultural production and environment.

Expected impact 2 

Understanding how soil carbon sequestration can contribute to climate change mitigation aat regional level including accounting for carbon.

Expected impact 3 

Strengthening scientific cooperation at European level including training of young scientists. 

Expected impact 4 

Supporting harmonised European soil information, including for international reporting. 

Expected impact 5 

Fostering the uptake of soil management practices which are conductive to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Expected impact 6 

Developing region-specific fertilization practices considering the local soil, water and pedo-climatic conditions.