Eurosoil 2020: Connecting people and soil - Postponed to the second half of 2021

The Eurosoil 2020 organisers have been closely monitoring and analysing the evolving situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the worldwide impact of this pandemic.

2020.04.24 | Line Carlenius Berggreen

Date Tue 24 Aug Sat 28 Aug
Time 17:31    17:33
Location Geneva, Switzerland

The Organising Committee has agreed on the importance of holding the Eurosoil congress in order to pursue the objective of Connecting People & Soil through a face-to-face meeting. The interest and engagement already created for the meeting is clear from the high number and quality of sessions and contributions submitted. Read more here.

The objective of Eurosoil 2020 is to bring together leading research scientists working on soil related topics and stakeholders dealing with issues of public concern, such as soil degradation and consequences of climatic changes.

Eurosoil 2020 will have a strong focus on the important bridging role of soil practitioners to translate scientific knowledge into practice.  

In line with the theme “Connecting People and Soil”, the sessions are organised around the soil-related topics of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Click here for the Eurosoil 2020 programme. The programme will be structured around, but not limited to, these Sustainable Development Goals.

EJP SOIL Coordinator, Prof Claire Chenu, Keynote speaker at Eurosoil 2020

Claire Chenu has been nominated Special Ambassador of Soils in 2015 by the FAO. She is vice chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the 4 per 1000 initiative. She coordinates the recently launched H2020 Cofund European Joint Programme "SOIL".

Claire Chenu is Research Director at INRAE and Professor of Soil Science at AgroParisTech. Her research deals with soil organic carbon: dynamics, stabilisation processes, and the effect of cropping practices on soil C stocks. She is very involved in the science-policy-practice interface and in awareness-raising activities on soils.

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