Want to be a guest researcher?

  • Are you already studying deep roots and their nutrient uptake using, e.g., isotope tracers?
  • Or are you studying root development and intercropping systems of deep rooted crops?
  • Or even microbial or organic carbon dynamics in deep soils?

With some unique facilities at hand, we are looking for collaboration with researchers to generate scientific knowledge of deep-rooted crops and cropping systems.

For more information, please contact: 

Lise Andreasen
Tel.: +45 87 15 77 04
Mobile: + 45 51 49 10 03

The Deep Frontier project carries out research into deep root exploitation of subsoil resources in order to enhance food production in a sustainable way. Research on deep roots down to 5 meters is the focus of Deep Frontier. For this purpose, the project has established unique research facilities at Højbakkegård in Denmark (DK-2630 Taastrup):

  • 12 root towers, each being 4 meters tall, and
  • 24 field plots with ingrowth cores and minirhizotrons down to 5 meters 

Read more about research methods in Deep Frontier


Field experiments in DeepFrontier