• Nutrient cocktails in the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea

This project ended in 2017. The pages will therefore no longer be updated and are mainly kept for historic reasons.

The objective of COCOA is to identify major pathways of nutrients and organic material in various coastal ecosystems around the Baltic Sea. Nutrients and organic matter are transformed and retained along the land-sea continuum, and COCOA will quantify how physical and chemical conditions as well as the biological components of the coastal zone affect the biogeochemical processes. We will investigate if transformation and retention processes may have changed over time, and how coastal ecosystem services are affected by these changes. As a result, COCOA will outline management responses to improve the ecological status for coastal ecosystems degraded by eutrophication.

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COCOA Secretariate

Berit Langkilde Møller
+45 87158975

COCOA has received funding from BONUS (Art 185) funded jointly from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration, and from Baltic Sea national funding institutions.