Photo: Connie Krogh Damgaard

2017.02.28 |

Keeping an eye on the fly

European researchers are joining forces to develop a new and more efficient method for monitoring the fruit fly Drosophila suzukii.

Photo: E. Fløistad, NIBIO

2017.02.22 |

Decision-making tools tailor-made to local conditions are underway

European scientists will develop improved decision support tools that can help optimize disease control in the Nordic-Baltic region.

Root flies can cause great harm to vegetables. Photo: Rosemary Collier

2017.02.21 |

Getting to the root of root flies

Scientists from eight European countries are collaborating on improving the management of root flies in outdoor vegetables.

Photo: INRA©Gotheron

2017.02.13 |

Pulling on all strings can help control pests in apple orchards

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – but how do you keep pests away from apples? Researchers are taking a holistic approach to controlling pests in a new European project spanning five different countries.

Photo: Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam

2017.02.09 |

Environmentally-friendly pest control strategies need to be aligned with each other

If used in the wrong combination, environmentally and health-friendly pest control strategies might actually increase crop pest populations. A new European research project will put this counter-intuitive idea to the test.

Photo: John Goulet, Canadian Biodiversity Information Center

2017.02.09 |

Tiny, shiny assistants may help farmers combat weeds

Some beetles prey on seeds from weeds. Promoting good environmental conditions for these beetles may be a way to reduce the use of herbicides.