IPM research and dissemination were discussed at the latest C-IPM workshop in Poland. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.02.20 |

Clarifying aspects of IPM research and dissemination

The latest C-IPM stakeholder workshop, held in Poland in January, dealt with three important issues with regard to research and implementation of IPM in Europe. The discussions were a precursor to the first, upcoming C-IPM call later in 2015.

At a C-IPM workshop in Poland presentatios were given from four different countries outlining how IPM they tackle IPM. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.02.20 |

An overview of IPM measures in four member countries

National plans and actions with regard to IPM in four European countries were described at the C-IPM workshop held in Poland in January 2015.

Photo: Aarhus University

2015.02.06 |

Call for stakeholder comments

C-IPM and all stakeholders are invited to contribute to the consultation of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). It will be open until 28th February 2015