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Lecture at Moesgård: Thilo Schöfbeck: Dendrochronology in North-Eastern Germany

Thursday March 17, AU Moesgård foredragssalen 13:00-17:00 (incl reception)

2016.03.16 | Bente Philippsen

Date Thu 17 Mar
Time 13:00 17:00
Location AU Moesgård, Foredragssalen

Dendrochronology in North-Eastern-Germany - Carpenter’s technique, timber trade and
more questions on historical constructions
After the end of middle ages, the landscapes of Mecklenburg, Pomerania or Brandenburg are
more or less remote areas. Thus, they offered best conditions for preserving many parish
churches with old surfaces, inventory and - roof constructions. Hundreds of medieval
frameworks from 12. to 16. century are known in this area, many of them have been dated by
dendrochronology for the last 20 years. The results of these investigations were sometimes
surprising and they have helped us making chronologies for architectural and construction
history much more precise, also as far as settlement history is concerned.
But not only roof constructions of churches are in focus, also belfries, hidden timber
framework and new amazing findings in historical town centers complete the new approach to
medieval history. Results from dendroprovenancing tell us much about the origin of building
timber and the network of craftsmen.
The lecture will be followed by questions and a reception in the basement of the archaeology

Lecture / talk