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2016.11.11 | Conference

Benchmarking Interdisciplinarity in Archaeological Science: New methods, new theories, new data

SMIA - Scientific Methods in Archaeology

2016.06.23 | Lecture / talk

MaterialCultureHeritage Seminars Spring 2016

Overview of activities in the MCH research programme

2016.05.19 | Lecture / talk

Lecture at Moesgård - Eric Bartelink: Dietary Heterogeneity in Late Holocene Central California

Thursday, May 19, 14:00. Foredragssalen, Moesgaard

2016.03.23 | PhD defence

April 1, 13:00, Moesgård: PhD defence "Death, decay and dissolution"

Anna K.E. Tjelldén: ”Death, decay and dissolution. The impact of a wetland environment on archaeological bone”. Foredragssalen, bygn. 4206-139, Aarhus Universitet (ved herregården, Moesgaard Museum)

2016.03.22 | Lecture / talk

March 31, 13:15, UrbNet: The application of ancient protein analysis to archaeology (M. Collins)

The application of ancient protein analysis to archaeology Guest lecture by Professor Matthew Collins, BioArCh, University of York, UK. Date Thu 31 Mar Time 13:15 — 14:00 Location Moesgård Allé 20, 8270 Højbjerg, 4206-117

Invitatio and programme

2016.03.16 | Conference

Symposium: Forskning og samarbejde mellem Geoscience og GEUS

GEUS' Aarhus kontor flytter til campus Aarhus Universitet, og i den anledning indbydes til symposium d. 17. marts i GEUS' nye lokaler og efterfølgende reception hos Institut for Geoscience, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 2.

2016.03.16 | Lecture / talk

Lecture at Moesgård: Thilo Schöfbeck: Dendrochronology in North-Eastern Germany

Thursday March 17, AU Moesgård foredragssalen 13:00-17:00 (incl reception)

2015.12.08 | Events

PhD defence Niels Emil Søe

Landscape reconstruction at the archaeological site of Alken Enge – uncovering the former second-largest lake in Denmark. Wednesday 16 December 2015, 13:15. Building 1671, room 137, Department of Geoscience

2015.12.08 | Events

Geoscience Seminar

New Narratives of Sacred Landscapes: Geoarchaeology and the Birthplace of Buddhism by Prof. Ian Simpson, University of Stirling, Scotland. Wednesday, December 16, 2015. 10:00, Geoscience, Auditoriet 1671-137