WET tutorial videos

WET tutorial video - from scratch to simulation

From the following link you can download data and files for a WET test case. The test case is based on the Danish Lake Ravn situated in the central part of Jylland. The lake is approx. 32 meters deep and a surface area of 1.8 square kilometers. The test case data should be downloaded to follow the tutorial video (china friendly video link).

WET tutorial video - manual calibration

This video will show the workflow in WET when you want to do manual calibration (china friendly video link).

WET tutorial video - design and application of scenarios

This video will take you through the WET scenario inventory and illustrate how to apply scenarios (e.g. changes in temperature or changes in nutrient loadings)(china friendly video link).

WET tutorial video - how to format and include observations in WET

This video shows how to include observations in WET and compare observations to model simulated output (china friendly video link).