WET presented at the Water Research Institute, Ghana (12. Sep. 2017)

WET was introduced at the Water Research Institute (Accra, Ghana), in relation to a project on Lake Volta.  

WET presentation at Colorado State University, USA (9. Aug. 2017)

WET was presented to staff and students at Colorado State University (CSU) as part of a modelling workshop between CSU and Aarhus University.

WET in freshwater management seminar (20. Apr. 2017)

On a seminar about freshwater management in Denmark WET was introduced to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and managers in municipalities, Middelfart, Denmark, 20. Apr 2017.

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WET first release (22. Feb. 2017)

  • The source code of WET 1.0 and a windows installer file has now been released through Gitlab.

Pre-launch event in China (30. Oct. 2016)

Pre-launch test and presentation of WET at the Workshop on longterm ecological monitoring methods and technology of Liuxihe reservoir, Guangzhou, China, 30. Oct. – 01. Nov. 2016.