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From healthcare to warfare, from education to entertainment, from the public to the private sphere - we are beginning to let robots into our lives.

‘Social robotics’ is a new transdisciplinary research area that investigates conditions, aims, and consequences of the employment of ‘sociable robots’ in contexts of human social interaction. A sociable robot is designed to “enable people to interact with it as if it were a person, and ultimately as a friend” (Breazeal 2002). If human-robot interaction is to supplement or even to substitute human-human interaction, large-scale research questions arise that go far beyond aspects of technological feasibility.

The Research Network for Transdisciplinary Studies in Social Robotics (TRANSOR) is a platform for research exchange and joint Humanities research in social robotics, connecting researchers in philosophy, robotics, cognitive science, psychology, anthropology, educational science, linguistics, art and design studies, and communication and media studies. The purpose of TRANSOR is to create research pathways within and between Danish and international research groups throughout Europe, in the USA, Korea, and Japan.  One of the particular aims of TRANSOR is to address methodological problems of research in social robotics.


2016.03.18 | Workshop

3rd TRANSOR Workshop

Social Robotics and Imagination

2016.03.17 | Conference

International Research Conference Robophilosophy 2016/TRANSOR 2016: What Social Robots Can and Should Do

An international research conference on philosophical issues in social robotics. Plenary speakers: Christopher Bartneck (NZ), Selmer Bringsjord (US), Mark Coeckelbergh (AT), David Gunkel (US), Wendy Ju (US), Benjamin Kuipers (US), Domenico Parisi (IT), Kathleen Richardson (GB), Jennifer Robertson (US), Amanda Sharkey (UK), Noel Sharkey (UK), John…

2016.02.01 | Research news

Book publication: Social Robots: Boundaries, Potential, Challenges

This edited volume contributes to the field of social robotics by exploring its boundaries, potential, and Challenges from a philosophically informed standpoint.

2015.01.19 | Research news

Conference Proceedings: Sociable Robots and the Future of Social Relations

The conference proceedings of Robo-Philosophy 2014 Conference has just been published by IOS Press in 'Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications'.

2014.11.13 | Workshop

1st TRANSOR Workshop

Methodological Problems of Social Robotics

2014.09.04 | Debate


Sept 18, 11:00-14:30: Start-up meeting (board only)

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