• Scandinavian Network for Elite Sport

Scandinavian Network for Elite Sport

Scandinavian Network for Elite Sport

The aim of the trilateral network between Section of Sport Science, Aarhus University (link: www.ph.au/om-instituttet/sektion-for-idraet), Department of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science, University of Gothenburg (link: www.iki.gu.se) and Norwegian School of Sport Science (link: www.nih.no) is to develop collaboration, knowledge exchange and research in the area of elite sport within Scandinavia. 

Undergraduate and graduate students at the institutions can apply for exchange studies at the partner institutions in Aarhus, Oslo and Gothenburg. Through an exchange study, students gain access to a broad range of courses to complement their study programs and to achieve a better overall training in sport science. 

Researchers in the partner institutions collaborate in Master-projects, PhD-projects, bi- and trilateral research projects and networking. 

The trilateral network disseminate knowledge and collaborate with sport federations, clubs, coaches, high performance managers and athletes across Scandinavia, both in annual thematic symposia, publications, media releases and online documentation. 

On this web page it is possible to get information about exchange studies within the partner institutions, education courses, research, dissemination and other news.


Project leader

Michael Andersen


Telephone: 0045 51 26 60 62

Mail: micand57@gmail.com

Steering group

Scandinavian Network for Elite Sport consists of a steering group with seven members – you can find them here.


Which sports nation is best in Scandinavia? An analysis of Sweden, Norway and Denmark's results in international elite sport - past and present.

You can find the analysis here.    

Sport Summit Aarhus 2017

In conjunction with Scandinavian Network of Elite Sport (SNE), European Network of Sport and Education (ENSE) are hosting "Sport Summit Aarhus 2017". The conference will be held on 12th-14th September 2017 at Aarhus University. The main themes are "Talent Development", "Dual career" and "Sport and Education". You can find the program and practical information about the conference here.