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“Social robots” are robotic devices that are designed to engage humans in social interactions, by presenting themselves—in appearance or behavior—as intelligent social agents.  The goal of building robots that participate in the space of human social interaction raises technological, empirical, and normative questions. 

The Research Unit for Robophilosophy (RUR) has been established in 2012 in order to address research questions in social robotics that require expertise in various philosophical disciplines, including the new area of intercultural philosophy of technology. 

Robophilosophy, which we have defined as "philosophy of, for, and by social robotics," is a new area of interdisciplinary and partly experimental philosophy that participates in, and facilitates, the integration of  empirical and normative research in the Humanities and Human sciences (anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, linguistics, phenomenology, ontology, knowledge representation, ethics) into social robotics research and engineering.

Social robotics is not only among the socially most relevant research areas for scholars in the Humanities, it also marks a new relationship between technology and the Humanities--social robotics needs the Humanities to inform the development of technological design, but it also offers new insights on the conditions of human interaction.  The Research Unit for Robophilosophy undertakes targeted research projects (PENSOR, INSOR, ANOTHER) but also serves as a platform for research exchange--we coordinate the "Robophilosophy Conference Series" and the Research Network for Transdisciplinary Studies in Social Robotics (TRANSOR).

Upcoming events

Thu 22 Jun
10:00-17:00 | University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
4th TRANSOR Workshop
Repetition, Spontaneity, and Creativity in Human Robot Interactions: Challenges and Reconfigurations

Latest news

2017.05.24 | Research news, ISOR, TRANSOR

Book Publication: Sociality and Normativity for Robots

This volume offers eleven philosophical investigations into our future relations with social robots--robots that are specially designed to engage and connect with human beings.

2016.10.31 | Research news, ISOR, TRANSOR

Conference Proceedings: What Social Robots Can and Should Do

This book contains the proceedings of the conference “What Social Robots Can and Should Do,” Robophilosophy 2016 / TRANSOR 2016, held in Aarhus, Denmark, in October 2016.

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