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Philosophical and Transdisciplinary
Enquiries into Social Robotics

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Social robotics is a transdisciplinary research area in the intersection of robotics, cognitive science, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.  The goal of building robots that participate in the space of human social interaction raises technological, empirical, and normative questions.  PENSOR has been established as a new transdisciplinary research platform at Aarhus University with the aim especially to address research questions in social robotics that require expertise in various philosophical disciplines, including the new area of intercultural philosophy of technology.  Social robotics is not only among the socially most relevant research areas for scholars in the Humanities, it also marks a new relationship between technology and the Humanities--social robotics needs the Humanities to inform the development of technological design, but it also offers new insights on the conditions of human interaction.


2016.03.17 | Events

International Research Conference Robophilosophy 2016/TRANSOR 2016: What Social Robots Can and Should Do

An international research conference on philosophical issues in social robotics. Plenary speakers: Christopher Bartneck (NZ), Selmer Bringsjord (US),…

2016.03.01 | Events, Knowledge exchange

3RD TRANSOR WORKSHOP: Social Robotics and Imagination

his workshop seeks to explore the concepts of "imagination", "cultural imagination" and "the imaginary" from different perspectives in order to…

2016.02.01 | Research news

Book publication

This edited volume contributes to the field of social robotics by exploring its boundaries, potential, and Challenges from a philosophically informed…


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